Morning Hike at South Mountain

SouthMountain_May2015_TuckerPablo SouthMountain_May2015_TuckerPablo02


25th Birthday Party @ True Music Festival

For my 25th Birthday I wanted to do something fun with my friends in Arizona. I never really liked celebrating my birthday because it always landed on a bad weekday in December. People are either taking tests or trying to close out on holiday sales and so work is crazy. My family did not go out of town a bunch but I remember all of my friends in Cincinnati would go on vacation right after finals which would be the weekend after my birthday. So this year I made it sure that I would celebrate with a blast and do something I’ve never done before. I decided to spend a little extra dough for a REALLY epic time in my VIP suite at the first True Music Festival 2013.

Pool table photo for a friend

I shot this image for a buddy of mine the other day who is looking to sell his pool table. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to try some lighting effects with my sb-600 and a flexible snoot. Just a little gaffers tape – which is kind of lame they do not stick to anything on the speed lights – and ‘bam’ you got yourself a nice little lighting area near the triangle of balls. It looks a lot nicer when you have a friend who has some photo skills take photos for you before you sell something on Craigslist. Within a week I bet that pool table was bid on and sold. Doing little things like this in your community helps build a strong connection. Eneboe later took me out for some grub at Native New Yorker that weekend.